Contact details of major movie networks and streaming devices

Streaming Devices

As someone in his late 30s I have seen a huge change in the way people interact with their TVs in my lifetime. Where once viewers waited patiently and passively for the movie of their choice, these days they can access movies on their TVs instantly using devices with libraries of tens of thousands of movies accessed through the internet. Instead of looking forward to a movie you can now access it instantly and watch it at any time of the day or night, allowing TV schedules to be determined by the viewer rather than the broadcaster.

Meanwhile traditional TV channels such as ITV, Channel 4 and even the BBC have had to accept their place as just another competing App, up against a huge array of broadcasting Apps catering to tastes as varied as movies, music, sports, reality TV, and religion. Service providers that host these Apps on their devices include: Apple, Sky, Talk Talk, Virgin Media and EE. The Find a Phone Number telephone directory can also be used to find the telephone numbers of a huge array of high street shops, telecommunications companies and other tech providers.

Many of these Apps provide a library of free movies which you can download and watch for free or if you want to watch a more recent release you may have to pay a charge. It is also possible to subscribe to a movie service where after paying a subscription each month you can choose  from a set bank of movies. Other options are to rent or buy individual movies from video sharing sites like Youtube or from online retailers including the Apple Store, Amazon Prime and Microsoft Movies and TV.


Streaming Movies
Featured on this page are some of the giants of the movie streaming and download industry including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Apple and YouTube.


Contact Numbers for Movie Providers

Below is a list of telephone contact details for companies from which you can stream, rent or buy movies. We have also provided telephone contact details where available. Note that some companies including YouTube don’t have a UK Customer Service telephone number, instead requiring that you leave your details which they will use to get back to you.
Amazon Customer Service telephone number: 0800 496 1081
Google Play Customer Support telephone number: 0800 328 6081
iTunes Store Purchase by Telephone: 0800 0480408
Now TV – go to their website and access the: How to Contact Us Page
Talk Talk TV Store Customer Service Number: 0345 172 0088
YouTube – Request a call back by visiting: the YouTube Support Page