Buying or Renting Movies Online

On this page we will look at the full range of options available for people wanting to watch movies online, giving contact details including telephone numbers, and also a description on how to access the movies and an assessment of each site’s value for a range of movies.


If you are new to the process of purchasing movies online then there are a number of easy options for you to explore first. The easiest way to purchase movies online for the uninitiated is to use Youtube. Anyone who has experienced the internet for any length of time will know that Youtube is synonymous with video and music media, however not everyone will know that you can also watch movies on Youtube. To do this you will need to create a Youtube account and then go to the movie section of the YouTube website, this can be found on the left-hand sidebar in red, under Best of YouTube. When you click on this icon a new search menu will appear into which you can type the name of the movie you wish to purchase. Movies will be listed by genre and you can choose to browse freely through each category to find a movie or use the search bar if you already know the name of the film you want to see.



Prices on YouTube for a range of popular movies

Immortals Rent for £2.49 / £3.49 HD. Buy for £7.99 / £9.99 HD
10 Cloverfield Lane Rent for £3.49 / £4.49 HD. Buy for £9.99 / £13.99 HD
Notes on Blindness Rent for £3.49 / £4.49 HD. Buy for £9.99 / £11.99 HD
The Secret Life of Pets Rent for £3.49 / £4.49 HD. Buy for £9.99 / £13.99 HD
Youtube contact details

Youtube do not have telephone contact details listed on their website but you can request a call back from them on this page.



Amazon Video is the online streaming service offered to Amazon Prime customers where you can buy or rent movies including new releases, old classics and everything inbetween. If you have an Amazon account then you will be able to access Amazon Video, from there you can either watch one of the movies available for free or you can search for the movie of your choice and then buy/rent it. Amazon Prime also has a huge available selection of box sets and TV shows available. An interesting feature on the homepage of the Amazon Video is that they automatically produce movie recommendations for you based on your searching and purchasing habits; you can find the recommendation list at the bottom of the Amazon Video homepage.

Amazon Prime Movies

Prices on Amazon for a range of popular movies

Immortals Free for those with Amazon Prime membership.
10 Cloverfield Lane Rent for £3.45. Buy for £9.99.
Notes on Blindness Rent for £3.45. Buy for £9.99.
The Secret Life of Pets Rent for 3.45. Buy for £13.99
Amazon Contact Details
The freephone telephone number for contacting Amazon is: 0800 496 1081

Talk Talk TV

Talk Talk also have a decent selection of movies which you can rent on your TV or download onto you iPad using the Talk Talk TV app. Prices for hiring movies on Talk Talk TV are remarkably similiar to the cost of hiring on Amazon, and similiar to Amazon you can purchase movies by signing up, and leaving your bank details. If you are already a Talk Talk Broadband subscriber then you can easily add Talk Talk Tv to your package so making it easier to run your TV and your internet through one easy package.

Talk Talk TV

Immortals Rent for £2.49 or £3.49 in HD. Buy for £6.99 or £9.99 in HD.
10 Cloverfield Lane Rent for £3.45 or £4.45 in HD. Buy for £9.99 or £13.99 in HD.
Notes on Blindness Rent for £3.45 or £4.45 in HD. Buy for £9.99 or £13.99 in HD.
The Secret Life of Pets Rent for £3.45 or £4.45 in HD. Buy for £9.99 or £13.99 in HD.
Talk Talk Contact Details
Contact the Talk Talk telephone Customer Service team on: 0345 172 0088.


Google Play

Google are also a big player in the online movie market with Google Play, a vast online library of movies, box sets and TV shows. Google list their movies in a handy chart with which you can find a movie to watch by genre or you can choose to have movies listed by the studio that makes them. This feature is quite interesting as it allows you to see which company made your favourite recent movie.


Immortals Rent for £2.49. Buy for £7.99.
10 Cloverfield Lane Rent for £3.49. Buy for £9.99.
Notes on Blindness Rent for £3.49. Buy for £9.99.
The Secret Life of Pets Rent for £3.49. Buy for £9.99.

Google Play Contact Details
Contact Google Play support on 0800 328 6081